Pulsar Banger Insert Mushroom Beads

1 Case = 10 Individual Units
Quantity 10 Beads
Material Glass
Size 8-9mm
Sale price$7.50
per case
$0.75 per unit

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Pulsar Banger Beads Wholesale

Elevate your customers' dabbing experience with the Pulsar Banger Insert Mushroom Beads. These vibrant 8-9mm terp pearls are designed to enhance the vaporization of concentrates, ensuring maximum flavor and efficiency. Simply drop one or two beads into a banger before heating, and watch as they spin to evenly distribute your concentrate for a smoother, more potent hit. Perfect for wholesale clients looking to offer top-quality dabbing accessories, these mushroom-themed beads add a touch of fun and functionality to any setup.

Product Specifications

  • Quantity: 10 Banger Beads
  • Design: Mushroom shape in assorted bright colors
  • Size: 8-9mm diameter
  • Material: Durable glass
  • Usage: Enhances vaporization by evenly distributing heat
  • Compatibility: Suitable for use with standard bangers

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