Raw Bic Lighter

1 Case = 50 Individual Units
Case 50 Units
Collab RAW x BIC
Styles Variety
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per case
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Classic $1.21
Organic Hemp $1.21
Black $1.21


Raw Bic Lighter Wholesale

The essence of a classic meets the prestige of an icon. The RAW x BIC collaboration brings forward a unique lighter collection that seamlessly combines the legacy of two renowned brands. Retailers who strive to offer quality, reliability, and style to their customers will find the Raw Bic Lighter collection an essential addition to their inventory.

Product Highlights:

  • Collaborative Excellence: The RAW x BIC Lighter collaboration symbolizes the synergy between BIC's unrivaled reliability in the world of lighters and RAW's distinguished presence in the smoking community. It's a partnership that elevates the everyday lighter to something truly memorable.
  • Enduring Performance: A testament to BIC's impeccable engineering, each lighter in this collection promises up to 3,000 lights. This consistent performance ensures your customers experience longevity and reliability with each purchase.
  • Versatile Collection: The case, thoughtfully containing 53 lighters, provides retailers an assortment of styles to cater to diverse customer preferences. The available designs—Classic, Organic Hemp, and Black—each encapsulate a different facet of the RAW brand. The Classic evokes the traditional RAW aesthetic, the Organic Hemp nods to RAW's commitment to sustainability, and the Black offers a sleek, modern alternative for those seeking understated elegance.
  • Tailored for Display: With the iconic RAW branding prominent on each lighter, these pieces are more than just functional items; they're conversation starters. The varied designs within each case allow retailers to create eye-catching displays that invite customers to explore and choose a design that resonates with their personal style.
For Retailers:
Stocking the RAW x BIC Lighter collection signifies more than just adding another product to your shelves; it's about embracing the legacy of two industry titans. These lighters cater to a broad spectrum of customers, from the loyal RAW enthusiasts to those who trust nothing but a BIC when it comes to reliable lighting. By introducing the RAW x BIC collection to your inventory, you're offering more than just a way to light up; you're providing a piece of a storied collaboration that customers will cherish and use with pride.

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