Raw 1 1/4 Organic Papers Case

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Organic Hemp
Wrap Size 83mm
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Raw 1 1/4 Organic Papers $16.99
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Organic RAW 1 1/4 Rolling Papers Wholesale

Rolling joints and blunts is commonplace anymore, and more and more customers are looking for brands that are both high-quality and ethical. A great way to capture that specific market is to offer papers that have established their brand on providing an incredible smoking experience while ensuring that they behave ethically on the international stage.

RAW is one of the very few brands (if not the only brand) of rolling papers that fits the bill. Their unique blend of organic, unbleached hemp fibers provides an authentic taste that other rolling papers struggle to match. These papers are also specifically designed to reduce instances of "runs" using their patented "CrissCross" design.

Not only are the papers themselves organic and vegan, but the brand is extremely socially conscious. They run a branded charity (RAW Giving) that focuses on international humanitarian projects (like digging water wells for underserved communities).

You'll be hard-pressed to find a brand that is as well-liked, high-quality, and ethically behaving as RAW. They also offer products at an extremely reasonable price, making it easy to connect with customers on a variety of levels.

RAW 1-1/4 Organic Rolling Papers are sold in 24 bulk units.


Product Specifications
? 1-1/4in brown rolling papers
? Organic Hemp fibers
? Unbleached, chlorine-free, and vegan
? Patented "CrissCross" design to reduce runs during smoking.

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