Raw Skatebaord

Type SkateBoard
Size 24 inch
Material Wood
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D5 Cruiser $34.99


Raw Skateboard Wholesale

The RAW Skateboard D5 Cruiser is a limited edition skateboard designed to blend style and functionality seamlessly. It is crafted for smooth cruising, featuring a longboard-style shape that ensures a stable and enjoyable ride, while its shorter length enhances maneuverability. Made from high-quality Great Lakes Maple, this board is 8-ply and cold pressed with Franklin glue, ensuring durability and a perfect flex for all your skating adventures.

Product Specifications

  • Material: 8-ply Great Lakes Maple
  • Construction: Cold pressed with Franklin glue
  • Size: 24 inches long
  • Style: Longboard shape for smooth rides, easier to turn due to shorter length
  • Trucks & Wheels: Not included

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