SMOK Nord Coil [5-Pack]

Quantity Per Unit 5 Coils
OHM 0.6/0.8/1.4
Sale price$6.99

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ohm Max purchase Case price Qty Subtotal
0.6 ohm $7.49
Mesh 0.6 ohm $7.99
Ceramic 1.4 ohm $6.99
Mesh 0.8 ohm $7.99
1.4 ohm $6.99
0.8 ohm $7.49


Smok NORD Coils Wholesale

Smok NORD pod vaping systems continue to be one of the most popular pod vapes on the market. Their modern, discreet design mixed with impressive vaping performance has made the vapes a favorite choice among many. Of course, another reason they are popular are the variety of coils NORD devices can use, many of which are found in these coil packs?

Each box of Smok NORD coils comes in packs of five, with a wide range of coil varieties to choose from. Coils come in standard, mesh metal, or ceramic varieties, as well as a selection of different resistances.

Not sure what the difference in the coils are? Take a look below!

Standard Coils

Standard coils are classic components with stainless steel heating elements. Smok NORD devices usually come with these already equipped.

Mesh Metal

Mesh metal heating elements are fantastic consistent, great tasting clouds of vapor. They also deliver potent hits more quickly when compared to standard coils. On the downside, mesh metal coils tend to burn through vape juice more quickly and don't get as hot as other varieties of coils.


Ceramic is often considered the premium material in vape coils. They burn cleanly, providing fantastic flavor, they retain heat and can reach high temperatures, and ceramic usually does not provide a "burnt" flavor that standard coils might. Like mesh metal, they tend to go through vape juice faster, and ceramic components tend to be more expensive.

Having a selection of replacement coils is a great way to attract and retain advanced vaping customers!

Product Specifications

  • 5 coils per box

Coil Varieties

  • Standard Coils, available in:
    • 6 ohms
    • 8 ohms
    • 4 ohms 
  • Mesh Coils, available in:
    • 6 ohms
    • 8 ohms 
  • Ceramic Coils, available in:
    • 4 ohms

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