Smok RPM 3 Coils (5 Pack)

Quantity Per Unit 5 Coils
Resistance 0.23Ω/0.15Ω
Mesh Coil
Sale price$8.99

out of stock

Coil Type Max purchase Case price Qty Subtotal
Meshed 0.23ohm $9.49
Meshed 0.15ohm $8.99
Coil Type


Smok RPM 3 Coil

Introducing the Smok RPM 3 Coil! This replacement coil is perfect for your Smok RPM 3 device. These coils come in a pack of 5 and feature a 0.23 OHM resistance. Made with a mesh coil, these coils are designed for superior performance. Get the most out of your vaping experience with the Smok RPM 3 Coil!

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