Smokezilla Skull Torch Case

1 Case = 12 Individual Units
Case Quantity 12 Lighters
Type Torch
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Smokezilla Skull Torch Case Wholesale

The Smokezilla Skull Torch Case is a must-have accessory for dedicated smokers. This refillable torch lighter boasts a bold molded skull design that commands attention in any setting. With a powerful 2300°F flame, it's ideal for various tasks such as lighting cigars, bronzing metal, and soldering wires. Its sturdy construction and safety lock guarantee dependability and safety, making it a crucial tool for practical use and impressive displays.

Product Specifications

  • Case Quantity: 12 Lighters
  • Flame Temperature: 2300°
  • Design: Molded skull
  • Safety Features: Built-in safety lock
  • Fuel Type: Butane
  • Dimensions: 4 inches (H) x 1.5 inches (W) x 1.5 inches (L)

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