Stache Products Rig In One

Material Concentrate
Banger 14mm Quartz
Glass 4mm Borosilicate
Sale price$75.00

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Black Mix $75.00


Stache Products Rig In One Wholesale

The Stache RiO is a game-changing product for businesses and retailers looking to offer their customers a portable and convenient dab rig experience. The Stache RiO is a rig in one and is designed for portability and convenience, allowing you to enjoy your concentrates anywhere, whether you're at home or on the go. The device is powered by a built-in torch, eliminating the need for batteries, coils, or any other electronic components.

To use the Stache RiO, simply fill the torch for 3-5 seconds and it's ready to go. The device comes with a Boro Glass Micro Rig Bubbler with a shower head perc, a Core Quartz 14mm Banger, a Stache bubble Carb Cap, and a dab tool. All of these parts are included in a high-quality zip-up carrying case with Eva Foam, making it easy to transport and store.

The Stache RiO is perfect for customers who want a high-quality dab rig without the hassle of traditional electronic rigs. The device is easy to use, simple to maintain, and provides a great vaping experience. As a business or retailer, you should definitely consider adding the Stache RiO to your inventory. It is a product that will appeal to customers looking for a convenient, portable and high-quality rig. Contact us now to place your order and bring the Stache RiO to your store.

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