White Rhino Terp Slurper Marble Kit 3pc Case

Material Glass
Quantity Per Unit 3 Piece
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White Rhino Terp Slurper Marble Kit 3pc Wholesale 

Introducing the White Rhino 3 Piece Terp Slurper marble set - the must-have accessory for any dab enthusiast. This set includes a 24mm top marble ball, an 11mm middle marble ball, and a 14mm terp pill. The terp pill sits at the bottom of the terp slurper and spins and jumps up and down, providing an enhanced dabbing experience. The middle marble sits on top of the terp pill to keep it securely in place, while the top marble constricts the air flow from the top of the banger.

Each case contains 6 individual units of the White Rhino 3 Piece Terp Slurper, making it easy for wholesale buyers to stock up and add to their inventory. This product is sure to be a hit with consumers, so make sure to add it to your inventory today!

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