Zig Zag White Single Paper

1 Case = 24 Individual Units
Quantity Per Unit 32 Wraps
Wrap Size 78mm
Natural Arabic Gum
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per case
$1.58 per unit

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White Single Wide Paper $37.92


Wholesale Zig Zag Papers

Smoking with papers has a lot of advantages over using traditional glass or silicone pipes. There's less mess to clean, it's easier to smoke more dry herb at once, and you don't have to worry about the hassle of cleaning, maintaining, and replacing pipes. As raw hemp and legal weed become more popular, you can expect demand for rolling papers to remain steady. 

The field for rolling papers is crowded, but Zig Zag is one of the few brands that has stood the test of time and is well-known among smokers. The quality of the papers has a reputation of being fantastic, and Zig Zag offers a wide selection of papers to choose from, helping smokers cater their experience to their exact wants and needs.

Zig Zag papers are made with Arabic gum, but you'll see some variations in fiber makeup depending on what style you're looking at. For example, the hemp papers contain only hemp and no Arabic gum. 

The Zig Zag brand is also socially conscious, with a focus on 100% carbon-neutral within the next 10 years. To do so, they have dedicated to planting a tree for every $15 worth of product they sell, and this ethical corporate behavior will be an important component for many customers deciding which brand to associate with.

Zig Zag has been around for decades and already has many brand loyalists. 

Zig Zag papers are available in Organic Hemp, Ultra-Thin, Orange, Unbleached, and White Single-Wide varieties. Each box contains 32 leaves of paper, and this product is sold in bulk cases of 24 boxes.

Product Specifications

  • Organic Hemp
    • 1 1/4in
    • Organic hemp fibers
    • Unbleached
    • Vegan
  • Ultra-Thin
    • 1/ 14in
    • Natural gum Arabic
    • Ethically sourced
    • Extra-thin
  • Orange
    • 1 1/4in
    • Natural gum Arabic
    • Unbleached
    • Vegan
  • Unbleached Paper
    • 1 1/4in
    • Unbleached
    • Natural gum Arabic
    • Ethically sourced
  • Single-wide Papers
    • 70mm x 36mm (smaller than 1 1/4in varieties)
    • Unbleached
    • Natural gum Arabic

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